Thursday, October 22, 2015

Ginataang Kalabasa and Crabs

Last week it was raining non-stop and nothing to do but eat sleep and cook, and cook I did. I was too hungry at the time I was cooking the ginataang crabs with kalabasa. So what happened...I was cooking and eating at the dining and trying to be in the kitchen at the same time (ahahaha Edited). I think I added too much salt to this one. Yes, sometimes we do make mistakes and we just have to live with it. Get up again and try again. Only to be kicked in the gut again. No apologies. And I am back. Back to cooking, writing and loving. Taking time to be present and be at the moment (on repeat). Taking in the beauty of everything around us. To be alive again :)


Ang buhay parang sinigang malinamnam, maasimasim, masarap higupin, mainit mas mabuting kainin kung mainit. It has been a while since I wrote something here in my blog. My mind and my heart has been preoccupied with busy work and stuff that make adults forget to be more creative. Recently, I've decided once again on my nth attempt to have a more meaningful life to see the extra ordinary in the ordinary. To be more sensitive to various senses that make one feel alive. To be more mindful. I embarked on a 100 happy days project to take my mind off negative feelings that plague my mind and my heart. I felt at one time that I am wasting away my heart and my energy and time to something that can only cause stress, headaches and heartaches. To be mindful in living, to be more appreciative of the small stuff that I know gives me joy. I guess cooking and cooking for others and sharing my love to them is one way of healing. And I am back. Back to cooking, writing and loving. Taking time to be present and be at the moment. Taking in the beauty of everything around us. To be alive again :)

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Halo halo

One of the best times in my childhood memories are the summers spent in Laguna. Summer is always hot and humid. You can just imagine the joy of my discovery when Inay and I walked towards the neighbor to buy an afternoon snack. Since I was small, my height of about 3 feet at that time is almost just as tall as the table where the jars filled with sweet colorful treats that are the ingredients of halo halo. I can still remember in awe how the block of ice is shaved right before my eyes and placed inside the glass half filled with colorful goodies. Then to top it all up a doze of evaporated milk and last but not the least a slice of leche flan and a sprinkling of pinipig. It was edible art work formed right before my eyes. A cold treat for a humid day. Once serve we go on chopping into the shaved ice to unearth the goodies down under. I will always remember Inay smiling at me and her joy at my discovery. Simple things make me happy. A nugget of memory I always remember whenever I get one of these halo halo. For mothers day...I write these memories down in honor of my Nanay nanayan Tita Ching Inay. Love you and miss you dearly...I know you are happy up there in heaven.

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Bohol Dolphin Watching

Bohol Bee Farm's The Buzzz At Alona Beach

To celebrate our 10th year, we visited again Bohol last weekend. Early morning breakfast on the boat as we sailed off to see the dolphins. For the first time I saw the resident dolphins of Tanon strait. We have been visiting Bohol for the past years but it was only this year that we intentionally visited them in the wild, in their own habitat. After Balicasag and Vigin island we headed for Alona beach. We found a great place to eat --the Buzzz of Bohol Bee Farm. We didn't have to go to the farm. Now they have a branch right on Alona beach. Below are some photos of the lunch we had. I got grilled blue marlin with their classic floral garden salad and brown rice. Amats had the chili con carne salad while the little girl got a pasta. For dessert, we had tsokolate muffin and kalabasa muffin paired with ginger tea with all you can have honey (of course). Amats had the honey peppermint coffee with peanut kisses on the side. "Subarashi!!!"

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Buko and Leche Flan at Lake Pandin

Lunch at Lake Pandin

I grew up in a small town of Laguna situated along the way where the seven lakes are located. I spent my high school years and our PE sessions overlooking Sampaloc lake. It has been years since I returned to San Pablo City known for its famous lakes. As a child I spent many years and have good memories in Sampaloc lake and Bunot lake with Lola and Tita Ching Inay. But I have never been to all the lakes of San Pablo. Laguna is part of the viaje del sol (way of the sun) where one can explore. Would you believe that even though I've scaled Mt. Banahaw and Mt. Cristobal many times around these parts, this is the first, yes the first time that I've visited Lake Pandin. Yehey! visited it with my daughter and thanks to the invitation of very good friends who decided to celebrate one of our friends' birthday around a the beautiful setting of the lake. A memorable lunch indeed. We swam in the dark cold water of the lake which is refreshing after the short hike from the jump off to the lakeside. Mouthwatering fresh pako (fern) salad with tomatoes and salted eggs, grilled fish and rice wrapped in banana leaves. Eaten the traditional way, by hand.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Post Race Meal

Best Date

Pasalubong from Brooklyn. Best date ever..still moist inside when you bite into the semi dried fruit. Only available during Ramadan said Caring =)

Fire Bird

My friend said...Ah ok is it time to cook dinner...wait...gets something out of her pocket...tada! Fire Bird =)