Friday, November 9, 2007

Seafood Kare kare

Kare kare is usually made from pork and oxtail. But since I dont eat pork or beef, we ordered this one. This Seafood Kare kare is made of tahong and tulya basically two kinds of bivalves found in the Philippine market. The vegetables are sitaw (long beans), talong (eggplant) and pechay (pakchoy). The sauce is a mixture of broth with peanut butter. But this one we ordered in Camayan beach doesn't to have much which I prefer. It is not too salty which is good. Although this dish always served with "bagoong" or sauteed shrimp paste on the side. Best eaten with white fluffy hot steamed rice. :-)

On a scale of 1-10. This serving is a 6. Becuase our Ninang had some comments on how they should properly cook their Kare Kare. Anyway it was a good lunch after visiting a good friend. Thanks to Kaila. We got a day's pass.